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Tue-Sun   8am-2pm

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  • Vorspeisen, Suppen  und Salate

    Alpine platter: rösti and sausage served with sour cream    $7.9



    Appetizer Platter: German delicacies, rösti, sausage, smoked salmon, Camembert cheese  $11.90



    Soup of the day     $3.6



    Caesar salad                          small $6.95  large $8.45



    tomato and mozzarella sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and cold pressed  olive oil                                   $7.9






  • Klassische Schnitzel

    Our schnitzel are panfried and accompanied by a salad and spätzle

    or french fries.


    CLASSIC SCHNITZEL tender and  golden brown      $17.90


    JÄGER SCHNITZEL schnitzel topped with a delicious home-made mushroom sauce   $20.90


    KÄSE  SCHNITZEL cheese schnitzel smothered with swiss  or cheddar cheese   $19.90


    PARMESAN SCHNITZEL schnitzel in a  golden brown parmesan crust    $20.80


    GEFÜLLTES SCHNITZEL schnitzel filled with ham and swiss cheese   $19.80


    PFEFFER SCHNITZEL schnitzel with a delicious pepper-corn sauce   $18.90





  • Deutsche Spezialitäten

    marinated and braised beef - roast served in a sweet & sour sauce with red cabbage and spätzle   $18.90


    ROULADEN thin beef steak filled with pickles, caramelized onions and bacon, rolled and braised and served with red cabbage and spätzle or mashed potatoes.        $19.90


    RINDS GULASCH beef goulash served with a garden salad and mashed potatoes  $16.90


    HIRTENSPIESS gently grilled kebab of pork tenderloin and bacon and topped with sauteed onions on spätzle or fries and a garden salad   $20.90


    SCHWABENTELLER  grilled medallions of pork tenderloin on a mound of spätzle topped with sauteed onions and baked with cheese served with a garden salad     $21.90


    KÄSE SPÄTZLE cheese spätzle made with cheese, onions and a touch of cream, served with a garden salad Beware: addictive!  $11.90


    LACHS IN DER KARTOFFELKRUSTE potato crusted salmon, lemon-caper butter and seasonal field greens with balsamic vinegar and cold pressed olive oil    $19.80

    KALBSLEBER MIT ZWIEBEL calf's liver served with onion, bacon, grilled apples, mashed potatoes, gravy and a garden salad  $17.90


    GBEACKENE KALBSLEBER lightly  breaded  calf's liver, served with onion, mashed potatoes gravy and a garden salad   $17.90



    a classic from Switzerland: sauteed strips of tenderloin in a creamy mushroom & cheese sauce served with spätzle and a garden salad  $21.90




  • Desserts


    Wolfgang's features classic Bavarian Desserts and Wolfgang's own creations.

    Desserts are posted daily at the restaurant

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